This is a WebSDR receiver, located in Heppen - Limburg - Belgium - JO21oc - 70m ASL.

It is operated by Bas ON5HB and Marian ON3MS, e-mail ==> Bas and Marian <==

!! Beware when we are transmitting ourselves reception will be disturbed !!

Information about the WebSDR project and other servers can be found at ==> <==

NOTE 1 You need both Java and JavaScript enabled for this page to work properly.
If you don't hear anything, probably Java is disabled or the version is too old (i.e. pre-1.4.2).

NOTE 2 Antenna is normally G5RV or Inverted-L (54m longwire), depends on the bands I'm using myself.

NOTE 3 No sound with Google Chrome Browser? Try this: chrome://flags/#enable-autoplay-ignore-web-audio -> set enabled.
From version Chrome v76.0.3809.100 try this: chrome://settings/content/sound -> allow/add url:
Compare against Firefox Browser as Firefox is known to work perfectly with this websdr.

NOTE 4 All receivers are SDRplay RSP1A and RSP2 ==> Bring me to SDRplay info RSP1A page <==
If you need information on how to install the RSP1A at your own, just mail us, the email-address is listed at the top of this page.

NOTE 5 DSP Noise reduction only works on fast computers, it gives audio stutter-if your CPU is too slow. This is because audio processing is done at the client side.

Please support this project with a small donation so we can buy better receivers, receivers are real expensive:

23/09/2018 - We have TeamSpeak as well and work with: TeamSpeak3 Server Link If the link doesn't work server:
09/01/2019 - Today 3 SDRplay SPR1A are in use, covering from 0-2, 2-4 and 5.3-7.3 MHz, if there are hickups please mail me.
05/04/2019 - Programmed a spamfilter that shows "Spammer Detected! Bye Bye", this is to notify the spammer that he is noticed and removed. Still do not click on any links in the chatbox if you are not sure!!
15/06/2019 - Motherboard replaced with Q1900M 4x2GHz CPU, had some troubles to get it working, turned out speedstep was messing websdr up.
15/11/2019 - Drivers finally fixed on bad sample quality, especially AM signals suffered. That was a hard nut to crack!
21/03/2020 - Added start audio button for Chrome and iOS also included patches for new iOS devices.
29/03/2020 - G5RV came down this morning due to strong winds. 30/03/2020 Has been fixed. Antenna is up again, even higher then before.
20/04/2020 - We now have more notches and a dsp-noise-reduction, but beware your computer must have a fast CPU. Thanks to Clint from Utah websdr.
25/06/2020 - 0-2MHz is now an SDRplay RSP2 thanks to AD PB9E. Thanks a lot Ad!!
08/08/2020 - PocketRxTx is no longer supported as it's not legal and not approved by Pieter-Tjerk
13/09/2020 - Added links to other good websdr's
24/10/2020 - Fixes many bugs in html, like ENTER = Record, also fixed items shown for blind people, let me know if I need to change more.
29/11/2020 - Because of a few bad behaving users, we have automated the banning of IP's that are known to be abused. Meaning a lot of VPN's will not work anymore.
Don't be shy, please let us know your name and call in the box below, thanks.

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j k ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt faster)
u l c a f: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
g: enter frequency


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Mute Squelch
Notch1 Notch2 HighBoost
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Audio controls:
Audio out: left both right
Gain control: automatic manual limit
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